jQuery Horizontal Accordion Script

Horizontal Accordion Script is a jQuery Plugin which turns an ordinary UL list into a horizontal accordion. You can easily change the look and feel via CSS and customize its functionality with the help of various options. Horizontal Accordion is cross browser script and has been tested to work on IE6+, Firefox and Opera.

The HTML markup of the Accordion (UL list) can either be defined inline on the page, or inside an external file instead and fetched via Ajax. Plus you can specify which LI should be expanded by default, whether to persist the last expanded LI (within a browser session), and also, expand a particular LI by passing in different parameters into the URL string. All this makes for a versatile, smooth horizontal accordion.

Developed by Dynamic Drive; jQuery Horizontal Accordion Script is available for download for Free. You can find further information, demo & download on Dynamic Drive Website.

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2 Responses to “jQuery Horizontal Accordion Script”
  1. Ryan says:

    This plug-in is really good. I was searching for one that I could use in a site build-out. I had designed a site and it was approved. Then I realized “Oh, I need a plug-in for that”.

    The resulting HTML is EXTREMELY clean. The output HTML looks like this:

    Content Goes Here

    The CSS is really simple to customize, and the JavaScript setup variables are really easy to edit. I created custom ID tags for my panels – allowing me to give different background images to each panel. It’s really excellent! I would suggest this plug-in to anyone.

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