MockFlow: Online Wireframe Tool For Software and Websites

MockFlow is an online tool for creating wireframes of software and websites. It helps to enhance your planning process by enabling to quickly design and share interactive UI mockups. It comes with ready-to-use 70+ components and 200+ icons, all designed to suit wire framing.

MockFlow allows you to share your work in private/public mode and get feedback from your clients & users. Its simple usability, progressive page templates and quick presentation mode makes the wire framing process  really easy and collaborative. You can get a free account that allows 1 mockup with 4 pages, 2 collaborators / mockup, 10 MB storage and exports your work with watermark.


  • Simple usability focused to make wire framing easier
  • Pages can be applied with multiple (recursive) templates saving time
  • Invite co-editors and reviewers to collaborate your Wireframe project
  • Create, Visualize and export your Wireframe’s SiteMap
  • Export your Mockup to image or PDF document including comments
  • Get annotated feedback directly in the mockup
  • You can apply your preferred Wireframe Font with one-click

MockFlow is a production of A Produle Systems (P) Limited. Visit MockFlow:

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2 Responses to “MockFlow: Online Wireframe Tool For Software and Websites”
  1. This looks very interesting indeed. One of the challenges is presenting clients with ideas that are seperated from design, as a lot of non-web folk don’t necessarily consider things like usability and call to action button placement that wireframes can highlight. Will have a play with this – there goes my morning…

  2. Michael says:

    Hi w3avenue!

    Thanks for the short introduction to this new mockup software. Another web based wireframe tool with real time collaboration and included usability testing modules is

    The pidoco° wireframe tool features:

    – Drag&Drop prototyping
    – clickable wireframes
    – expert reviews of prototypes
    – and finally the Remote Usability Tester with which you can run one-2-one usability test sessions via a shared screen and an integrated phone line

    Thanks and kind regards

    Pidoco GmbH

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