CSScaffold: PHP Based CSS Framework

CSScaffold is a CSS framework written in PHP. Unlike pure CSS framework (e.g., Blueprint, etc) that uses the standard abilities of CSS, it uses PHP to extend CSS. The syntax looks and feels exactly like CSS, except that you have additional features.

Scaffold requires a web server with PHP 5+; Mod_rewrite for Apache is required if you want it work automatically route your CSS files through Scaffold. If you don’t want it work automatically, you can point your CSS files directly to Scaffold.


  • Constants
  • SASS style Mixins
  • Nested Selectors
  • Expressions
  • Compressed, Cached and Gzipped on-the-fly
  • Perform PHP operations
  • Extendable through Plugins


  • Layout – Create 960.gs style grids with Mixins and classes.
  • OOCSS – Extend one selector using another selector
  • Browsers – Target specific browsers
  • Minify – Uses the minify library to compress your CSS
  • Icy Compressor – An alternative to Minify
  • Validate – Validates your CSS using the W3C validator
  • Image Replace – Image replace titles by just linking to the image. Scaffold will find the height and width of the image and take care of the rest of the properties needed to image replace the text.

Developed by Anthony Short; CSScaffold is available for download under New BSD License.  You can find further information, demo & download on CSScaffold Project Website.

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One Response to “CSScaffold: PHP Based CSS Framework”
  1. PJP says:

    Hi, just a little note to say that the author has left a post on his blog saying that CSScaffold has moved.

    Here is the new address: https://github.com/anthonyshort/Scaffold

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