Simple Feature That Will Really Make Twitter Designer Friendly

Twitter allows you to customize your profile page by changing background, text and link colors. Anyone can do this very easily; Twitter even allows you to upload your own custom background image, that you can tile or keep fixed on top-left corner. This ability to change background image has allowed designers to create some awesome profile pages.

However there is one problem, your design may be dependent upon screen resolution. If your background image is a pattern or texture that needs to be tiled, you won’t face any problem. But if you try to create a background image (specially using composition) that needs to be fixed on top-left corner; you will soon realize that less desirable results are being produced in different screen resolutions.

Check For Yourself

If you are not sure what I am talking about, try Twitter Background Checker, a very useful online tool that lets you check how any Twitter background will look in different screen resolutions.

Effective Twitter Backgrounds Do Fail

I got interested in Twitter backgrounds when I was compiling a list of resources for W3Avenue post: Resource Kit To Create, Customize & Find Twitter Backgrounds in August. While I was compiling the resource kit; I studied numerous articles, tutorials, tool and backgrounds, and came up with an idea for another post: Effective Twitter Backgrounds: Examples and Current Practices (which was published on Smashing Magazine in September). Like other articles on Smashing Magazine this post received lots of feedback. Overall the response was positive and readers appreciated the list, but there was one common complaint: effective twitter backgrounds were failing on different screen resolutions.

The Solution

Solution lies with Twitter; it is very simple and also allows them to keep all the current backgrounds & settings intact. All Twitter needs to do is, allow users to be able to select one of these three options (instead of two) for their background image:

  • Background Position: Fixed Top Left (Default)
  • Tile Background
  • Background Position: Fixed Top Center (this will make Twitter really designer friendly)

By adding this one extra option, Twitter can easily provide you with the freedom to create background images without worrying about different screen resolutions (although I must admit that lower resolutions will still have issues, but those will be similar to the one you face with any other website).

I am sure that a lot of CSS designers may have already talked about it; I am hoping this post will add one more voice in their support.

You Can Help

You can also help by:

  • Simply tweeting about this post – may be Twitter will listen and actually decide to implement it
  • Vote for this suggestion on: Get Satisfaction

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Reader Comments

4 Responses to “Simple Feature That Will Really Make Twitter Designer Friendly”
  1. Behzad says:

    Hi, I asked twitter to add this extra option about 2 month ago, but didn’t get any answer.

  2. Dave Sparks says:

    I totally agree, with the main section of twitter being centred the background should have that option as well.

  3. Jacob Riley says:

    Couldn’t agree more….. I don’t ever use twitter and when a client asked me to design a background I agreed…. 1 hour later I have a background I created and can’t use because it relied upon being horizontally centered! This is a really easy fix Twitter…. Come on….

  4. Overstappen says:

    We also agree. It took us some time to get our twitter page right.
    … Now we are struggeling with Youtube channels, they also need to customized, but that is not so easy. It would help if there was a template available (psd)…

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