Ident Engine: Retrieve and Aggregate Profiles From Across The Web

Ident Engine is JavaScript library that discovers and retrieves distributed identities and user-generated content filled in various profiles, uploaded photos, videos, reviews, and bookmarks. You can use this library to assist users by presenting one of their existing identities or content as an option on your website.

The library uses jQuery, so initiating a search is simple. First, you need to bind a function to render your results to the library. The library will fire an update every time it finds new data during the search process. The returned data is stored in seven collections: Identity, Profile, Resume, Entry, Event, XFN, and Tag. Ident Engine currently supports 70 sites and 142 endpoint mappings.

Developed by Glenn Jones; Ident Engine is available for download MIT License. Glenn Jones has written a very nice article about Ident Engine on A List Apart that is a must read. You can find further information, demos & download on Ident Engine Website.

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