jQuery Plugin For Realtime Related Tweets Bar

Realtime Related Tweets Bar jQuery Plugin allows you to add highly customizable real-time Twitter search-driven bar of tweets related to your post, or from specific users, or you can limit it by a geocode coordinates, etc.

Implementation is really straight forward and you can easily customize the look of tweet bar using CSS. Realtime Related Tweets Bar jQuery Plugin supports many arguments, all of which are optional.


  • Show realtime related tweets based on your post tags.
  • Return only tweets with links or return all.
  • Limit tweets by 1 or more users. (from/to/mention users!)
  • Limit tweets by a location geocode and a radius.
  • Search by tags in OR or AND operators.
  • Many tweets’ transition options like opacity, height, font-size.
  • Each part of the tweet like Avatar, links, Hashtags has its own class for easy customization.
  • Show or hide some parts of the tweet like avatar, author name, date.
  • Use a typical JS call or auto-load div elements that have “related-tweets” class.

Developed by Mike at MoreTechTips; this jQuery plugin is available for download under Apache License.  You can find further information, demo & download on Realtime Related Tweets Bar jQuery Plugin’s Website.

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  1. Mike More says:

    Thanks for featuring my plugin on your site :)

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