SlickPlan: Web-Based Sitemap/Flowchart Generator

SlickPlan is a web-based sitemap/flowchart generator that allows for the creation of free sitemap and flowchart design. Slick Plan was developed with the web designer and developer in mind, but it can be used by anyone who needs a quick and professional sitemap or flowchart for their planning project.

You can use SlickPlan to create a visually stunning, free sitemap in seconds and send it directly to your clients via an HTML link or exported PDF. When you’re done, you can easily generate the HTML as an unordered list and insert it into your page.


  • Unlimited Sitemaps
  • Send your clients HTML sitemap links instantly
  • Export your sitemaps as PDF files
  • Easy organization
  • HTML navigation generator

Developed with PHP/MySQL and jQuery by the Dayton website design team; you can learn more or start using SlickPlan by visiting:

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  1. Ian says:

    Thanks for reviewing our app! We have all sorts of cool new features being released shortly.

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