Apigee: Analytics and Protection for APIs and Mashups

Apigee provides analytics, protection and control for APIs.  It enables API providers to understand usage, protect their app, and enforce API terms of use.  Developers using APIs can use Apigee to get visibility into the actual service levels of the APIs they consume.

You can use Apigee to understand API usage (drill into data on traffic, developers, data volumes, and error rates with an up-to-the minute dashboard); protect your app (throttle API usage and protect against traffic spikes that can slow down your app or service) and improve your customer experience (find out about API issues before customers do and make sure APIs are delivering to SLA).

Apigee is for any Web API. It supports SOAP and REST – both XML and JSON. It is a ‘freemium’ service.  Apigee’s Basic service is free up to 10,000 messages per hourand it’s Premium service (coming later this year) will be under $100/month up to 20,000 messages per hour.

Apigee is from Sonoa Systems. Sonoa provides industrial-strength  API management and infrastructure to over 50 leading financial services, media, commerce and insurance companies.  Apigee is built on the same core platform that as Sonoa’s enterprise-class solutions. To learn more visit: http://www.apigee.com/

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