DooPHP – High Performance Open Source PHP Framework

DooPHP is a rapid development framework for PHP using commonly known design patterns like MVC and ORM. It has a small source code footprint, but still provides essential features and focuses on 7 main cores: MVC, REST, URI routing, ORM, Template engine, ease of use and performance.

DooPHP works without problem in various PHP mode: mod_php, CGI & FastCGI. DooPHP also works on modern web server such as Apache, Lighttpd and Cherokee. Your apps can be deployed on a domain root directory, sub folder, sub domain, sub folder on sub domain, etc. It doesn’t require anything extra other than the PHP’s SPL which exist in every PHP installation.

Developed by Leng Sheng Hong; DooPHP uses the new BSD license, and it also ensures that the third-party work it integrates with use BSD-compatible licenses. This means it is both financially and lawfully free for you to use Doo to develop either open source or proprietary applications. You can find further information, demoa, documentation & download on DooPHP’s Website.

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