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TypeRoom Lite is an instant, easy to use, hosted CMS for any website. It allows you to create an editable copy of webpage, that you can freely edit without affecting the live site. When you are done editing, you can email the updated page to your webmaster, download it or post the updates directly to your website via FTP.

TypeRoom Lite works seamlessly with web pages developed using Dreamweaver templates. This means if you have created a site using Dreamweaver templates, no additional programming or modification is required.

You can learn more and start using TypeRoom Lite by visiting http://www.typeroom.com/lite.

If you are looking for more advance features you can sign-up for TypeRoom Professional. TypeRoom Professional provides some advanced featured such ability to manage menus, add pages, plugins, and really easy template creation process that makes it a breeze for designers to add new templates to the website. For advanced users TypeRoom Professional provides TypeRoom specific tags that allow you to easily separate design, content and functionality.

TypeRoom Professional installs a light-weight application (requires PHP 4+ and Apache) on the your web server that allows for efficient interaction between CMS and the your website. You can sign-up for TypeRoom Professional FREE, which allows up to 10 pages and 10 updates per month.

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