Baseline – CSS Framework For Real Baseline Grid

Baseline has been developed with typographic standards in mind, and makes it easy to design websites with pleasing grid and good typography. Baseline include files to reset the browser’s default behavior, build a basic typographic layout (including style for HTML forms and new HTML 5 elements) and build a simple grid system.

Baseline uses the font metrics to line up headlines, paragraphs, form labels and any other major elements on the page baseline, creating a harmonious layout. Download includes CSS files, a Photoshop base document and a full set of HTML templates and examples to get you started.

Developed by Stéphane Curzi(ProjetUrbain); Baseline is available for download under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.  You can find further information, demo & download on Baseline’s Website.

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  1. SEOmium says:

    I wish there was a link to their website in the post itself, rather than me having to Google it. But thanks anyway…

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