Mapstraction – JavaScript Mapping Abstraction Library

Mapstraction provides a common API for various JavaScript mapping APIs to enable switching from one to another as smoothly as possible. Developers can code their applications once, and then easily switch mapping provider based on project needs, terms and conditions, and new functionality.

Mapstraction currently supports following providers: FreeEarthm Google, Map24, MapQuest, Microsoft, MultiMap Commercial and OpenAPI, OpenLayers, OpenSpace, OpenStreetMap, ViaMichelin and Yahoo. Mapstraction fills some holes in each provider’s current offerings (taking advantage of existing open source solutions where possible) to normalize the feature set across platforms.


  • Support for 11 major mapping providers
  • Dynamic switching of provider
  • Point, Line, Polygon support
  • Marker Filtering by Time, Category, or any attribute
  • Image overlay and base tiles
  • Geo-RSS and KML feed import
  • Geo-Coding of addresses
  • Driving directions

You can find further information, demos, API Sandbox & download on Mapstraction’s Website.

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One Response to “Mapstraction – JavaScript Mapping Abstraction Library”
  1. Alexandre Planta says:

    Wow, Great see stuff like that here… i work with maps all day long, any help like this framework is so welcome!
    Keep the good work feelas!

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