AnythingSlider jQuery Plugin

AnythingSlider is a full featured slider plugin for jQuery that is really easy to implement and customize. Adding or removing a slide is a simple matter of adding and removing <li> tag in the markup. AnythingSlider allows you to place multiple sliders in a single page, place any HTML content inside <li> items,  and of course you can customize its look and feel via CSS.

AnythingSlider provides several options to customize the behavior of your slider including ability to specify auto play, delay between slide transitions, speed of transition, to build navigation links, etc.

Developed by Chris Coyier; AnythingSlider jQuery Plugin is available for download License Free.  You can find further information, demo & download on CSS-Tricks Website.

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5 Responses to “AnythingSlider jQuery Plugin”
  1. Geez, it’s ridiculous how much stuff you guys have on here that’s helping me out today.

  2. R Joseph says:

    The AnythingSlider does not work with Opera ver. 10
    It loads the last panel and then freezes there.
    But seems to work fine with Firefox, IE, and Chrome.

    I’ve been asking around, but no one seems to have a solution.

    • andrew says:

      seems to work with opera 10.5.1

    • Jack Wheeler says:

      I have the same problem in Opera ver. 10.63. It shows the last slide and doesn’t slide any other panels, but the navigation buttons light up as if it is scrolling. Any idea where I should start looking for a solution to this?


      • Jack Wheeler says:

        OK, never mind! The fix: (quoted from GitHub)
        Apparently, Opera has trouble dealing with widths over 32766px. So if you are experiencing this, make sure the unordered list in the wrapper is less than this number.

        anythingSlider .wrapper ul { width: 32700px; }

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