Encrypting HTML Form Data With jCryption

jCryption is a JavaScript HTML Form encryption plugin, which encrypts the POST/GET-Data that will be sent when you submit a form. It works by encrypting data on the client using JavaScript and decrypts it on the server using PHP. jCryption requires jQuery for client side processing and PHP 4.0.4+ on the server.

jCryption first serializes the form, converts the string into hexadecimal values which is required to encrypt it. When the key pair is generated on the server; the script receives it, encrypts the string with the public key and sends it to the sever where the string is decrypted. When this is done you have your original serialized string back which is equal to a normal form submit (GET or POST).


  • RSA form data encryption up to 2048 bit
  • AjaxSubmit supported
  • No SSL required
  • Easy to install, use and extend
  • Doesn’t block the browser on calculations

jCryption is cross browser script that has been tested to successfully work with Internet Explorer 6 +, Mozilla Firefox 3+, Safari 3, Opera 9+, and Google Chrome.

Developed by Daniel Griesser; jCryption is available for download under MIT & GPL License.  You can find further information & download on jCryption’s Website.

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  1. Thats a terrific post man! I was really looking for something that dynamic. Got to try that right now. THANKS A LOT.. Couldnt stop myself from subscribing to the RSS feed!

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