Horinaja Slide Show Plugin For jQuery And Scriptaculous

Horinaja is an easy to use, customizable and very useful slide show plugin that comes in jQuery and Scriptaculous flavors. Most notable feature is its ability to allow users to change slides using mouse wheel. Unlike many mouse wheel driven components; Horinaja will only respond to mouse wheel when mouse is over a slide.

Horinaja uses really straight forward markup: i.e., only an unordered list, where each list item contain content of a slide. Additional features include: ability to add multiple slide shows in a single page, turn pagination on/off, and ability to control speed and pause of slide transitions. And you can customize look and feel of your slide show with CSS.

Developed by Massiani David; Horinaja is available for download under Creative Common License.  You can find further information & download on Horinaja’s Website.

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2 Responses to “Horinaja Slide Show Plugin For jQuery And Scriptaculous”
  1. Pawan says:

    Too Good.. I am planning to use this !

  2. dM says:

    horinaja, now exist in version pro :)

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