jQuery Week Calendar Plugin

The jQuery Week Calendar Plugin provides a simple and flexible way of including a weekly calendar in your application. Based on jQuery and jQuery UI, it is very easy to implement and customize according to your needs.

The jQuery Week Calendar plugin provides several configuration options and event callback functions that will enable you to add rich functionality on the top of basic calendar that comes out of the box. The plugin has been tested to work on Firefox 3.x (may also work in 2), Safari 3.1 +, IE7+ and Google Chrome.


  • Display events in a weekly grid
  • Calendar events can be supplied as an array, URL or function returning JSON
  • Calendar events can be dragged, dropped and resized
  • Lots of callbacks for customizing the way events are rendered plus callbacks for drag, drop, resize, mouseover, click etc
  • Automatically scrolls to current time
  • Extend the core calendar event data structure with your own data
  • Highly configurable, enabling variable timeslots, read only calendars, display of partial days, custom date formatting, direct manipulation of individual events for create, update, delete of events and much more.

Developed by Rob Monie; jQuery Week Calendar Plugin is available for download under MIT License.  You can find further information & download on jQuery Week Calendar Plugin’s Website.

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