Put Twitter Live on Your Website With Juitter jQuery Plugin

Juitter is a jQuery Plugin that allows you to place live twitter on your website. It is lightweight, fast & highly customizable. You can use Juitter to display tweets from a specific user or specific words, you can restrict results by language, and it even supports multiple users and keywords.

Juitter offers several options so that you can customize it according to your project needs, including ability to specify number of messages to display, time interval before it refreshes tweets, whether to display user avatars or not, etc. You can easily customize its look and feel using CSS.

Developed by Rodrigo Fante; Juitter jQuery Plugin is available for download under MIT license.  You can find further information, demo & download on Juitter Website.

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One Response to “Put Twitter Live on Your Website With Juitter jQuery Plugin”
  1. Hi, you can see the Juitter in action here : http://line25.com/ on the sidebar Elsewhere Discussion part. When you download the Juitter script, it’s not an WordPress plugins. It’s only 3 .js files ! How to use it ?

    Kind regards – DG

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