jQuery UI Selectmenu Plugin

jQuery UI Selectmenu Plugin duplicate and extend the functionality of a native HTML select element, and lets you customize the look and feel, add icons, and create hierarchy within the options. Built with progressive enhancement and accessibility in mind, has all the native mouse and keyboard controls, and is ThemeRoller-ready.

The plugin uses progressive enhancement to pull the content and state information from the select before replacing it in the page. After replacing the select element, the selectmenu continues to act as a proxy to the select that it replaced, so when the form is submitted, the select value is still there to pass data to the server.


  • Keyboard accessibility
  • ARIA support
  • Different menu types – Popup or dropdown
  • jQuery UI Widget-factory-driven
  • ThemeRoller-Ready
  • Form label association
  • Option Text Formatting
  • Optgroup support
  • Disabled attributes
  • Callback events

Developed by Filament Group;jQuery UI Selectmenu Plugin is available for download under MIT license.  You can find further information, demo & download on Filament Group Website.

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  1. Aneslin says:

    thanks a lot bro
    am new to Jquery,
    let me try this

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