Bluefish – Open Source Editor For Mac and Linux

Bluefish is a powerful editor targeted towards programmers and web developers, with many options to write websites, scripts and programming code. Bluefish supports many programming and markup languages, and it focuses on editing dynamic and interactive websites.

Bluefish runs on most POSIX compatible operating systems including Linux, FreeBSD, MacOS-X, OpenBSD and Solaris. Running on Windows is possible but less supported. There is an independent Bluefish Windows project for a native Bluefish binary for windows.


  • Bluefish is an open source project, released under the GNU GPL license
  • Lightweight & fast
  • Multiple document interface
  • Project support
  • Support for remote files using gnome-vfs
  • Very powerful search and replace, allowing POSIX and Perl Compatible regular expressions and sub-pattern replacing
  • Open files recursively based on filename patterns and/or content
  • Unlimited undo/redo functionality
  • Customizable syntax highlighting based on Perl Compatible regular expressions, with subpattern support and default patterns for HTML, JavaScript, PHP, CSS, SQL, XML, Ruby, Python and many more.
  • Anti aliased text window
  • Multiple encodings support
  • Line numbers, bookmarks and an excellent search function
  • HTML toolbar and tearable menu’s
    • Nice wizards for HTML documents: tables, frames, and others
    • Dialogs for many HTML tags, with all their attributes
    • Fully featured image insert dialog
    • Thumbnail creation and automatically linking of the thumbnail with the original image
    • Multi thumbnail generation for easy creation of photo albums or screenshot pages
    • User-customizable toolbar for quick access to often used functions
  • Specify custom dialogs, search and replace patterns or insert patterns and bind them to a shortcut key combination of your liking to speed up your development process
  • Integrate external programs such as make, lint, weblint, xmllint, tidy, javac, or your own program or script to handle advanced text processing or error detection.
  • Integrate external filters of your liking, pipe your document (or just the current selected text) through sort, sed, awk or any custom script.
  • Function reference browser, including reference files for PHP, CSS, Python and HTML
  • Complete translations in Brasilian Portuguese, Bulgarian, Chinese, Danish, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Tamil. Some other languages are partially supported.
  • Auto tag closing for HTML and XML documents

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