InfoVis – Interactive JavaScript Data Visualizations For Web

The JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit (JIT) provides tools for creating interactive data visualizations for the web. JIT provides multiple data representations including Treemaps, Radial layouts, HyperTrees / Graphs, SpaceTree like layouts, and more.

The JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit supports all major browsers including IE6+, Firefox2+, Safari3+ and Opera9.5+. It is highly customizable, modular, and extensible.  JIT is library agnostic which means that you can combine this toolkit with your favorite DOM/Events/Ajax framework such as Prototype, MooTools, ExtJS, YUI, JQuery, etc.

Developed by Nicolas Garcia Belmonte; JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit (JIT) is available for download under BSD Licenses.  You can find further information, demos & download on InfoVis Website.

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