Create Docking Panels For Your Website With jQuery

Janko Jovanovic has written a tutorial explaining how Visual Studio docking functionality can be replicated using simple unordered lists and jQuery. Janko’s provides proof of concept in this tutorial and implements multiple docking and undocking functionality.

Although our test shows that this will not work on IE6; the tutorial and code is very well written and can be easily extended to overcome the shortcomings. The existing code for advanced docking panels works fine on all modern browsers including IE7.


  • Very simple markup required to create the docking panels, i.e., unordered lists
  • You can easily modify the look and feel using CSS
  • Ability to dock multiple panels
  • Sliding animation with opening or closing the panels

Developed by Janko Jovanovic; You can find further information, tutorial, demo & download on Janko’s Blog.

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