Dynamic Behavior Based on Page Scrolling With ScrollSpy

ScrollSpy is simple MooTools plugin that listens to page scrolling and can trigger code based on users location on the page. The objective is to allow developers add dynamic behavior to their web pages based on where and how user scroll the page. It allows you to detect both horizontal & vertical scrolling and provide various options to trigger and detect the events.

ScrollSpy plugin comes with four examples illustrating some creative uses of this unique component. Simplest example illustrates using the plugin to dynamically show “Scroll To Top” link whenever a user scroll down certain number of pixels. Other examples include:

  • The Show: Automatically scrolls to the right. ScrollSpy shows and hides various content blocks while scrolling based on locations.
  • Background Colors: Changes Background color of the page based on users scroll location.
  • Pointers: Shows and hides various content blocks while scrolling based on locations.

Developed by David Walsh; This MooTools ScrollSpy Plugin is available for download under the MIT license.  You can find further information, demos & download on David Walsh Website.

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