Load Test Your Website With Load Impact

You can find out the performance limits of your website by using Load Impact – an online load testing service. Load testing with Load Impact is easy – You simply specify what site you want to test and how many users you want to simulate during the test. It will record the response times for the clients and generate a report containing graphs so that it is easy to see how an increased number of users on your site affects performance.

When you register an account with Load Impact you get immediate access to its distributed network of load generator nodes. These are powerful server clusters with very fast connections that are able to simulate tens of thousands of users accessing your website concurrently. Load Impact offer various plans to suit your needs, it also offer a free package that allows you to test their service.

There are many advantages to using Load Impact instead of setting up your own load testing platform

  • No infrastructure investment
  • No maintenance
  • No learning curve
  • Realistic testing
  • High capacity

You can create several different test configurations and run the tests whenever you want. The test results are stored on the system for easy access at any time. For web developer & consultant who are looking for more value added services for their clients, Load Impact can be a valuable tool at their disposal.

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One Response to “Load Test Your Website With Load Impact”
  1. Satya says:

    I have tested my site for free on loadimpact. It shows 3 sec time for upto 50 clients. I think is ok for me!

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