Wufoo – Fantastic Solution For Online Forms

Wufoo is an online service that allows anybody to easily build great looking online forms. When you design a form with Wufoo, it automatically builds the database, backend and scripts needed to make collecting and understanding your data easy, fast and fun. Because it is a hosted service, all you need is a browser, an Internet connection and a few minutes to build a form and start using it right away.

If you want to handle all the server side stuff yourself and just want to use Wufoo as an easy way to create good-looking, valid CSS/XHTML form markup, you can use your account to design and download the markup and CSS for FREE. All themes and templates from the Wufoo Form Gallery are provided under a Creative Commons Attribution license.


  • Graceful Degradation (Runs with or without JavaScript, CSS and Cookies)
  • W3C Valid XHTML and CSS
  • 508 Accessibility Compliant
  • UTF-8 (Views and Accepts International Characters)
  • Can be Personalized and Branded with Themes
  • Customized Confirmation Messages
  • Redirect to Web Page on Confirmation
  • Confirmation Email Receipt to User
  • Field Instructions for the User
  • Automatically Validate Data by Type
  • Required Fields
  • Randomize Choice Order
  • Hidden Fields
  • Admin Only Fields
  • Predefined Values (Certain Fields)
  • Password Protection
  • Schedule Form Activity
  • Limit Entries by IP Address
  • Limit Maximum Number Entries Accepted

Wufoo is brought to you by Infinity Box (Founded by Chris Campbell, Kevin Hale and Ryan Campbell); You can download themes and templates from the Wufoo Form Gallery under a Creative Commons Attribution license. You can find further information and demos on Wufoo Website.

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