Boks – Visual Grid Editor For Blueprint CSS Framework

Boks is an Visual Editor for Blueprint CSS Framework; It allows you visually setup a grid and baseline rhythm, build and fill your layout and export all this to HTML and CSS. Boks is an Adobe AIR application, which means it will works on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Boks also provides you with some really useful options like: ability to specify whether you want it to compress CSS or not, generate a PDF of your grid and whether you want to fix image baselines using MooTools or jQuery JavaScript. If you have some additional CSS files, Boks can also merge and compress them within a single “screen.css”. In addition to all this Lorem Ipsum Generator is also available inside the editor for easily filling in your grid with sample text.

Developed by Quentin T; You can find further information and download on Boks Website.

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One Response to “Boks – Visual Grid Editor For Blueprint CSS Framework”
  1. Stranger says:

    well, the idea behind this is properly good (even if it isn’t new). but this tool lacks of usability. for example: once you have placed a container, you cannot modify it any further, e.g. move it around, change it size, pull it out of a surrounding container etc.

    apart from that, it does it task very well. but you have to remember: this only genereates the css-structure and isn’t intended to output complete pages. you will have to tweak the code outside of this program.

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