qTip – The jQuery Tooltip Plugin

qTip is an advanced tooltip plugin powered by jQuery JavaScript framework. It is cross-browser, highly customizable, feature rich script that allows you to create beautiful tooltips with minimum effort. qTips have built in support for rounded-corners, AJAX and custom effects.

qTip comes with a comprehensive and well documented API allowing you easily extend it through a variety of optional callback methods and library attributes.


  • Cross Browser – Support all major web browsers.
  • Degradable – Since all of the HTML is generated dynamically people with JavaScript disabled will see no leftovers.
  • Rounded Corners – Includes cross-browser border-radius engine that doesn’t require PNGs.
  • Easy Positioning.
  • Styles – Pre-packed with 5 elegant tooltip styles for use without any extra code! You can easily create a custom style using styles object.
  • Stacking – Tooltips automatically focus when hovered over, and even preserve their stacking order on the page.
  • Custom Effects – Comes with fade, slide and grow effects for showing/hiding your tooltips. Support for custom effect functions means that you’ve got an unlimited amount of effects at your fingertips!
  • AJAX – Content can be loaded dynamically even after the page is loaded!

Developed by Craig Thompson; qTip jQuery Tooltip Plugin is available for download under the MIT License.  You can find further information, demos & download on qTip Website.

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I’m the author of qTip and I thought I’d just pop a little comment in thanking you for the posting the article. Always nice to be linked to! Hope you all enjoy working with it!

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