Create Alphabetical Drop Down Menu From Your List

If you are looking for creative ways to organize long list of data in relatively small space then you must try jQuery ListMenu Plugin. It allows you to easily generate an alphabetical drop down menu from UL, OL lists or any list of HTML elements (child elements under a parent element).

jQuery ListMenu Plugin is an unobtrusive scripts and works in all major web browsers. Current version was developed using jQuery 1.3.2, and has also been tested to work with jQuery 1.2.6.


  • Uses the first found letter of “actual text” in each list item to determine what navigation letter to put the item under.
  • Creates balanced-height columns in the dropdown menu, taking into account the actual height of each element, rather than just going by count.
  • If your list is an OL, numbering in each submenu starts at 1 and is carried across columns, top to bottom, left to right, maintaining a logical sequence.
  • Optional hovering “record count” over each letter shows user how many items are under the letter.
  • Optional ‘[0-9]’ menu item for access to list items that start with a number.
  • Optionally set the text that appears if a letter with no list items is clicked.
  • Style all aspects of the list navigation and dropdown menu via CSS.
  • Make letters with no list items appear “disabled” using an optional CSS class.

Developed by iHwy; jQuery ListMenu Plugin is available for download under the MIT and GPL licenses.  You can find further information, demos & download on iHwy Website.

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