Create User Friendly Popup & Wizards With ModalBox

ModalBox is a JavaScript component for creating modern modal dialogs or wizards without using conventional pop-ups and page reloads. It uses AJAX to load content and is built using Prototype JavaScript Framework & libraries.

ModalBox is light weight (approximately 10 KB) and incorporating it into your project is a snap. You can customize its look & feel using CSS. It works in most modern browsers has been tested in IE6+, Firefox 1.0+, Safari, Camino & Opera 8+. ModalBox provides you with several option to control various features including size, opacity, slide duration, resize duration, etc.


  • Offline Mode – Use dynamic or plain HTML without any AJAX calls to fill out your dialog windows.
  • Load Content with AJAX
  • Callbacks Support – You can attach your own JavaScript events after showing or hiding the ModalBox
  • Automatic Height Adjustment – ModalBox adjust it’s height depending on your content
  • Scrolling Mode – Define the height of the ModalBox and it will be switched into scrolling mode
  • Browser and Platform Independent – Since most of modern browsers use popup blockers, it’s hard to find another way to create 100% browser-compatible modal dialogs
  • Multipurpose – You can create complex wizards to guide users through the process or create Image slideshows
  • Keystrokes Support – Use ESC key to close ModalBox
  • Supports Transition Effects – Slide down appearing and on-the-fly resizing

Developed by Andrey Okonetchnikov of Wildbit; ModalBox available under MIT license. You can find further information, demo & download on ModalBox Website.

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