Shadowbox – JavaScript Media Viewer

Shadowbox is a standard compliant, unobtrusive JavaScript based online media viewer application that supports images, QuickTime, MPEG, Windows Media, Flash, Flash Video, HTML, and even external web pages. You may think of it as a Lightbox on steroids.

You can quickly add Shadowbox to any web page using the default settings. But if you need to fine-tune is appearance and behavior, a comprehensive set of API is also available. If you need to use it with your favorite JavaScript library, Shadowbox comes bundled with adapters for jQuery, MooTools, Dojo Toolkit, Yahoo User Interface Library, Ext & Prototype.

Shadowbox uses a plugin detection mechanism behind the scenes. If your users don’t have the plug-in they need; Shadowbox displays a helpful link to a page where your users can download the software that will allow them to view content properly.

Developed by Michael J. I. Jackson, it is licensed under version 3.0 of the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike license. You can find further information, demo & download on Shadowbox Website

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