jsTree – JavaScript Tree Component

jsTree is a cross browser tree component powered by jQuery. It allows you to create tree menu from various data sources: HTML (nested lists), JSON object or XML. jsTree is very versatile and provides you many options to customize both functionality and design.

jsTree is more than just a plug-n-play component – its comprehensive set of features will enable you to easily create highly interactive/dynamic tree menus.


  • Data sources: HTML (converts nested lists into a tree on the fly), JSON object, XML
  • AJAX (works for XML & JSON sources)
  • Open, close, rename, create, delete nodes (all with definable rules)
  • Various callbacks (onchange, oncreate, ondelete, onload, etc …)
  • Drag & drop support (definable with rules)
  • Multiple select
  • Localization – maintain the same tree in as many languages as you like
  • Right-to-left support (supported in both supplied themes)
  • Theme support (change icons, sizes, backgrounds, etc …)
  • Animated open & close (configurable)
  • Optional keyboard navigation
  • Multitree support – move/copy nodes form to tree to tree (definable with rules)
  • Also works as a jQuery plugin

Developed by Ivan Bozhanov; jsTree is absolutely free (Licensed under both GPL and MIT – whichever suits your needs). You can find further information, demo & download on jsTree Website.

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