jQuery UI Tabs aka Tabs 3

You can use jQuery UI Tabs to organize your content into simple navigation tabs, rotating tabs or even nested tabs. jQuery UI Tabs script is fairly easy to implement, it is fully accessible and unobtrusive. You can customize the look & feel of your tabs via CSS and even create multiple themes. You also have the ability to place more than one set of tabs with different themes in a single page.

jQuery UI Tabs supports loading tab content via AJAX in an unobtrusive manner. The markup you use for tabs containing AJAX content is even simpler than the one that you use for static tabs. All you need is a list of links pointing to existing HTML pages containing the content; remaining markup is created on the fly unobtrusively.

jQuery UI Tabs script is developed by Klaus Hartl and is available to you under same terms as jQuery (i.e., MIT or GPL License).  Another important thing to note here is that this script is now part of jQuery UI Library; which means that it is officially supported by jQuery community. You can find further information, demo & download on jQuery UI Tabs Website.

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